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With the holiday season creeping around the corner, finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be quite tricky. Pleasing everyone can be a difficult and daunting task at first, but no need to panic. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the mum who loves well-being and hopes tech can help her on the road to finding her balance, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 3 gadgets we think would make great mum gifts this holiday season:

A fashionable high-tech tracker for the mum on the go

If you know a fitness fanatic who always seems to be tracking her activity levels on her phone, maybe it’s time you should consider helping them upgrade to a high-tech wearable tracker. Affordable (-ish) and promoting healthy habits. It’s a win-win!

Maybe you’ve considered getting yourself a  FitBit, but have you thought about getting one for the movement-obsessed person in your life? These little watches definitely pack a punch. And they’re affordable as well due to the variety of models and range in price, from $90-$250.  Fitness wearables really are all the rage right now and will show your loved one that you care about their priorities while keeping tabs of what’s the newest trend. Honestly, you can’t go wrong. 

However, if you are looking for a flashier looking piece of tech, there are other options out there, especially if you’re not bothered with spending a bit more this holiday season. The start-up Bellabeat created a perfect solution for the techy fashionistas, with beautiful jewellery that tracks everything, from sleep patterns to miles walked in a day. Their pendants (approximately $139) combine stainless steel and wood-looking materials to create a versatile look. You can wear these smart gadgets as necklaces, brooches or bracelets, without looking like you’re wearing a piece of technology.  While looking sleek and chic, she will still enjoy the benefits of being able to track daily progress on their phones. I guess you could say it’s pretty neat — with the emphasis on pretty.

Surprise your Scrapbook Master with a great way to capture all those precious memories

Have a keen scrapbooker on your shopping list this year? Rather than printing out pictures off social media, you can gift them an instant camera, allowing them to snap their own memories this holiday season.

Polaroid or Fujifilm’s Instax are two big names in the instant camera business, and they offer a lot of options, colours and price ranges for the undecided shopper. Check out Polaroid’s OneStep+ i-Type Camera (£149.99) for a vintage looking, slightly bulkier camera, or Fujifilm’s Instax 9 (£75) for a smaller and more customizable camera (you can choose between 5 different colour options.)  An instant camera can make a great gift for the creative, sentimental person in your life. But wait, don’t forget the film.

This one is for the 🎶lovers

If your loved one loves nothing more than jamming to her favourite tunes in her free time, this compact speaker will make for the present gift. Made by Insiq, their Bluetooth speaker is advertised as being the smallest in the world. This tiny but mighty speaker can also double up as a camera button if you pair it up to your phone’s camera- perfect for catching those precious family fun-tastic moments.

What could be better than a speaker which you can fit inside your jeans’ pockets? Perfect for the mummy on the go, this budget-friendly gadget ($12.99 – $13.99) could be a great stocking-filler this holiday season

There you have it: 3 tech-related gifts for the tech-intrigued, wellness-oriented and creative person in your life.  But, now that you have mum sorted, what about Dad?  While you’re at it, check out our favourite gadgets of 2018 for even more gift ideas.

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