Being a parent is one of the most natural and wonderful parts of human life. That being said, it’s not exactly an easy task. Sometimes, when you have to juggle the toys on the floor, the dinner waiting to be made, and the husband who needs to be asked before he’ll help, it even feels impossible. And when all you need is a little advice and a little support, Mum Bloggers are here to help. It’s always reassuring when you know the advice you’re receiving comes from someone who’s in a similar position to you, so for parents living in Edinburgh, these are 5 of the most relatable Mum Blogs. They have some fantastic Edinburgh-based content that, we believe, will prove useful to every aspect of parenting, from the day to day chores to big days out. We hope you agree!

  1.      MummyKimmy

Mummy Kimmy’s content incorporates a range of different topics and types of article. She makes easy step by step guides, such as ‘How to tidy in 13 steps’. The list seems long but when the house is spiraling out of control and you don’t even know where to start, breaking down the process becomes a huge help! She also offers advice on personal health based on her personal opinions and experience. Mums are sure to appreciate and relate to her article ‘When cliches start to make sense’, a heartwarming post on body positivity. She encourages loving your body not despite, but because of the wonderful things it has produced. The tags on the right hand side of her blog allow the reader a quick introduction to what they are likely to find around Mummy Kimmy’s, so they can find their way around easily.

She is also on Twitter here


  1.      Edinburgh with Kids

Laura, the creator of Edinburgh with Kids, has split her website into clear sections; food, fitness, style, design, activities and parenting. The site is easy to navigate and covers practically everything parents may want to know. If you’re looking for tips on how to begin growing your own food, or how to build resilience in your kids, she’s got you covered! In the activities section, Laura reviews different ways to actively explore Edinburgh with kids. Next time your family are struggling to decide on something to do that everyone will love, take a look at her trustworthy activity suggestions!

She also has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


  1.      Mummy Jojo

It’s often said that parenting is one of the most stressful jobs to put yourself through. Juggling the hectic schedules and the pressure to appear perfect for fear of judgement from other parents can take up a lot of head-space. Unfortunately, discussing that stress and learning how to deal with it given less attention. Mummy Jojo’s website focuses on the highly important, but often neglected, mental health and wellbeing of parents. Her articles offer insightful ways to help yourself through stress and moments of anxiety. She encourages the importance of Mental Health Awareness Week and galvanizing her readers to see themselves positively and demand respect. She has also recently begun a podcast called Mummy Jojo Uncut. Using this, she chats about the stigma associated with mental health and how to cope with negative thoughts while also handling children. This can be found on iTunes and Acast.

You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


  1.      Finding Mum

Finding Mum – real name Caroline – is a great find for those who have just become first time parents! Her articles typically focus on the early stages of motherhood – pregnancy. The posts have lots of information on the process of pregnancy and the experiences first time mothers will face. Topics like perinatal anxiety and the apprehension of breastfeeding aren’t too scary for her. Her tone is calm and understanding – she knows the constant freak-outs that come with decisions regarding pregnancy and new kids. She tries to make the experience as calming as possible. Caroline also reviews various  pregnancy apps, sharing her own experiences which any soon-to-be parent will benefit from. The tagged posts make it easy for readers to go straight to the articles that are of interest to them. If you’re a new parent and worrying about it, this blog is a great place to find comfort and advice.

She is also on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


  1.      Edinburgh Mummy

This blog has only recently been set up, but it already offers a lot. For all those mum blogs that seem to have the perfect, unattainable life, who are obviously sugar-coating the details and the realities of parenthood, Edinburgh Mummy, or Susan, is the antidote. She is, as she puts it, an ‘honestly honest lifestyle blog’; she tells it as it is, without making it seem like she has it all together, because in reality, what parent does? Her poem Choose Family  is a lovely ode to her kids and husband; while their life isn’t always perfect, there isn’t any other she would rather have. Another great post is her A-Z of Edinburgh days out with Children, a wide range of different activities families can do together on a weekend in Edinburgh.  She highlights the good and bad points of each attraction so you don’t end up wasting your time or money.  She’s honest about everything – herself, her family, and her reviews!

You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram



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