We’re heading stateside, bringing you the best mom blogs in New York City – the city that never sleeps. We all know a baby or two who take that motto a little too seriously. These 5 blogs provide tips and support for making a happy family in the hustle and bustle of NYC.

Mommy Shorts

A city girl through and through, Mommy Shorts, real name Ilana, has some great family-friendly New York recommendations, like this list of places to go for dessert dates. She’s not afraid to make fun of herself, documenting her worst moments breast pumping and titling sections of her website ‘war stories’ and ‘ridiculous lists’ which I can totally get on board with. However, Ilana doesn’t neglect the more serious dimensions of being a mom. She shares her stories of talking to her daughter about the Times Up movement, and reminiscing about her small family growing up, a tough moment we all know too well when we realise our babies won’t be babies forever. Ilana is funny, sweet and insightful, and her blog shows it. You can get to know her a bit better through her Twitter and Instagram.

What Do We Do All Day

We all want our kids to experience childhood like we did, but now there seems to be an app for everything. It almost makes you want to throw out the TV in a rage! Well, that’s exactly what Erica did. Her blog is all about how to spend meaningful non-screen time with your kids. She has suggestions for fun family dinners, and even I can follow her easy arts and crafts how-to videos on Facebook. Like the magician that she is, she shares her experience of how to end those tantrums around technology. If, like me, you’re thinking, no screens is all very well but how will I get 10 minutes peace?! Erika shows how time for yourself is still possible. I also love her fantastic book recommendations, which you can find on her Instagram. You might not get rid of screens altogether, but now you have equally fun alternatives.


Dad or Alive

Surprise! It’s not just moms providing all the great tips. Dads, if you struggle to relate to mom blogs, Adrian gives a very real account of the joys and struggles of fatherhood. His posts usually begin with a walk down memory lane. He wonders how his upbringing shaped him, and how it’s reflected back at him in his own parenting. He asks whether picky eating is hereditary, and why he still only has one bathroom when he knows it’s a bad idea. If you have kids with big age gaps, you will find something for everyone here. Adrian is able to consider what kind of car his teenage daughter will have. Meanwhile, his wife was thinking about the birth of their newest child. You can get to know him a little better through his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Wealthy Single Mommy

Are you looking for advice from your parenting blog that goes beyond what beauty product they’re being paid to promote? Emma, the face behind Wealthy Single Mommy wanted to create something different. She made a place where she could support single parents wanting to make enough money to support a family, but who weren’t really sure how. Here, you will find comfort and great suggestions on making money. Her blog includes articles like how to make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth, and how to not give in to ‘treating yourself’. Her post ‘How to run a single mom household like a boss’ offers great advice that will serve any parent well. I love her tips for dating and how to use Facebook to connect with the world when you’re feeling particularly lonely (you can check out her Facebook here).


Love Taza

Last on our list is Taza, a New York City girl and proud of it! Thinking of taking a holiday to the city? Or are you already long-time residents thinking you’ve exhausted all family playdates? She has something exciting for every family and every stage of parenthood. From exploring the East Village to going inside volcano tubes, to searching for the best donuts in the city, she has any day out covered for you and your little ones! You can also create your own meatballs for a tasty alternative to the hassle of eating out with children. For all of us who end up living in one of New York’s iconic shoe-box apartments, you’re going to love Taza’s tips for how to make your living space count. For those craving a unique New York experience, you’ll find it at Love Taza! Check out her Instagram and Twitter for more.

Being a mom, or dad, is undoubtedly hard. Thankfully these five blogs are nothing short of inspiring, uplifting and relatable. We all contribute something to the family, whatever our age, gender or role is. We hope that these blogs will help you manage parenthood a little easier, wherever you might be reading from.


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