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You may not believe it, but I think I’ve just found the best detox that you didn’t even know you needed.

The ‘phone addiction’ phenomenon is… well, real 📱 We all do it – spend every waking hour responding to work emails, scrolling through Facebook, or curating the perfect Instagram post,👩‍💻 like it’s busy work.

If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling without even noticing you’re doing it, don’t worry! Here’s a great way to regain your focus, creativity, and mindfulness – a Digital Detox. Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a period of time that we spend away from our devices 📵 If, like me, the idea of switching your phone 📴 makes you feel kinda queasy, here are 5 intriguing benefits of a digital detox that might just convince you to join me in giving it a go.

1. Boosted Productivity

Looking to put a little more effort into your craft? Boost your productivity by taking a break from your phone and computer. When we’re constantly connected, we can become easily distracted with all that’s available in one click 💻 on our devices. Studies show that people who take a break from their tasks often come back with more motivation and energy! A short hour spent at lunch away from the screen will do and is just enough time to jumpstart productivity levels so that the afternoon is spent getting stuff done rather than falling victim to the 3 pm😴 slump.

2. Creative Juices

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For all the creatives out there who find themselves lacking inspiration, take a break! Not only do we waste time and energy scrolling through our phones, but we waste creativity. Without the distraction of devices, our minds become clearer, more inspired and filled with new, awesome ideas. Ever wondered why you’ve come back from a screen-free vacation extra creatively charged? Well, the mind had time to 🤔 think and just do its thing. If your creativity has taken a hit, take some time in nature away from the screen, and watch the new ideas flow in.

3. Healthier, Sharper Mind

Doing a digital detox can shed light on how much we use our devices daily. We all know that we’re attached, but just how much we depend on those devices is revealed in this detox.  Without devices, our minds become clearer, more present and more aware of our surroundings. That’s mindfulness right there. Digital detoxes can also benefit our mental health, decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression. Not to mention, our brain functioning will sharpen, all leading to clearer focus, attention, thinking,💡 and faster decision making. Next time the anxiety creeps up, step away from the digital world to bring your mind back to the present moment.  

4. Quality Relationships

(source: Pexel)

It’s easy to unintentionally push our relationships aside in favour of scrolling through the happenings behind our phone and computer screens. Mindlessly scrolling, and numbing our emotions is a common side effect of the ‘phone addiction’. Don’t worry though, we can rekindle the spark in our relationships by physically catching up with people, phone free and face-to-face, maybe over a drink. That’s when we start to feel the true connections and emotions with people we care about. Engagement and communication is key to upping the quality of our relationships, so let’s allow space for this connection to occur, away from the 🖥

5. Better Sleep

Did you know that your screen time can definitely be taking a toll on your sleep cycles? If you’re like most of us, trying to get better sleep, try to ditch the phone before bed! The blue light behind the screen messes with our circadian sleep rhythm, keeping our bodies awake longer than they want to. Suddenly we’re left stripped of that beneficial, restful, and healing sleep. Also, constant engagement with technology throughout the day ramps up the stress, raising cortisol levels in the body which can rattle our bodies throughout the night. We all know how important quality sleep is, mindfulness can really help. Now is the time to give your eyes, your mind, and your body the rest it deserves,🛌 away from that screen. 

Productivity, creativity, mindfulness, sleep, and connection💥 all contribute to a healthy state of mind. Our technology obsession, while it definitely has its positives, can be a distraction and can suck all our energy 🔋. We can all find healthier ways to engage with technology, but taking some time away can make us feel more present, productive, creative, healthy and happy 


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