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The screen of your computer goes black. It’s at that very moment, seconds after clicking ‘shut down’, that you realise you forgot to do that one thing. Forward that email, send that link, check the time of that event, upload that picture. Whatever it is, we’ve all been there – regardless of age or technological fluency.

So you sit, eyes locked on the blank screen, in limbo, and you ask yourself, “Can I be bothered booting this up again?”

The answer is no, no you cannot. And with all the tech we’re surrounded by, you don’t have to.

It’s in moments like these that apps can save you precious time and frustration. When you’ve already shut down your computer for the day, the last thing you want to do is waste time waiting for it to reboot. I mean, once you’ve tucked yourself into bed at night, closed your blinds and popped on your sleeping mask, you can’t be bothered getting untucked just to turn off that lamp you forgot about downstairs. We know that feeling. 

Don’t worry, we have good news, especially for those of us who may be slightly less patient then we’d like to admit. There’s something pretty useful about apps, they’re always with us. As long as you’re not on a digital detox, you have access to all types of apps. We’re all busy, and our time is precious. We know that feeling, and that’s why we’re suggesting you forget about restarting your computer and open up some apps instead.

We all use our smartphones to carry out day-to-day admin; snooze alarm clocks, check the weather, reply to emails all from our digital devices. We feel like we know everything, but still, there’s much to learn about all the apps out there, here are our top 5 ways to save some time.

Did you know? There are 2 MILLION apps on the Apple app store!

#1 Uploading pictures 📸

Sometimes pictures are just too good not to share. Now that everyone’s smartphone doubles up as a camera – and a good one at that – sharing is just a few taps away. Memories can go straight from your camera roll to your family and friends’ phones through messaging apps, or platforms like Kindaba, where you don’t have to trade privacy for convenience.

#2 Checking emails/messages 📧

With emailing you can use every function you have on a desktop but on the go. You can have both personal and business accounts on the same app to switch between and keep up to date. Oh, and a cell phone isn’t just used for text – or SMS – these days. Messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat can be used all around the world for instant communication.

Just don’t forget to unplug and have some me-time as some point too.

#3 Syncing events and setting reminders 📅

Not a fan of the old paper calendar? No worries, you can do that all on your desktop or your smartphone, and sync the two so they match at all times. You can access your calendars across your devices and update them all at the same time. While I’ll always advocate for a little old-school paper diary, this seems pretty convenient.

There’s also a range of family calendars that can sync across their devices too and help you keep track of every appointment, sleepover, flight or sports match.

#4 Tickets 🎟

Printing out at home, wasting paper, double checking it’s in your bag or waiting in queues and worrying if you have cash. These are things you don’t have to worry about anymore with ticket apps. Mobile tickets can be used for trains, planes, theme parks, gigs, and a lot more. You can keep you and your kids’ tickets on you and in one place, good to go. You can download specific apps for the airline, train or city you are in, or you can email them to yourself and save them to your Wallet, if you have an iPhone. It’s all done in say, 20 seconds, so whether or not your printer has enough ink or paper isn’t even a question.

#5 GPS  🗺

Roadtrip? Don’t worry about having to remember the sat nav charger, you can just use a maps app. They can tell you where to go through the on-screen map and audio just the same. Some of my favourites are trusty Google Maps, or Waze, which tells you exactly when to leave to get where you want on time. It also alters your route to avoid traffic, so you’re always on the move. You can also use them on foot around town, so you can get where you need to go without making a wrong turn.

Other apps can use GPS to locate your contacts too. With apps like Find My Friends, using another person’s phone number and permission you can track their location when they choose to share it. Now you can check your kids are home safe or time dinner for everyone’s arrival perfectly with just a few taps.

For every day and for big events, your phone can be used to make you and your family’s life easier and faster with apps. With these ideas in mind, you can scroll through the app store and separate the useful from the useless.

One last tip: don’t forget to check the reviews!

Although there are a lot of great new ideas out there, some apps will have their glitches and others might not do exactly what they say on the tin. Save yourself some more time and check out how others rate it.

We want our community to feel confident and engaged online. Everyone can learn to use on-the-go tools to get things organised in a flash and save precious time, so you can focus on what’s important. Our aim at Kindaba is to help simplify life and maintain family connections with the help of technology. Apps are just one way you can do that 📱🙌

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