Kindaba’s mission is to keep families connected. We are passionate about building an alternative, safe, and private space where all family members can feel confident and engaged sharing things with each other.

A recent Ofcom study revealed that 56% of parents prefer to keep their family photos and videos away from social media for reasons of privacy.

We’ve been listening to parents and they’ve been telling us –

“I want to know that I own my own content, so that I never have to worry about it being sold or shared.”

“I want to stay in touch with my family, but I don’t want the whole world to see all my kids’ photos and details of where and when we have our family activities.”

“I don’t want to clog up my friend’s feeds, I want to share family updates with just my inner circle.”

Our vision is to bring families together, helping you to connect in a safe environment online. Kindaba makes organising and celebrating family life safe, simple and inclusive.

What families are telling us, and Ofcom’s findings show, is that issues of online privacy are an issue for some people, particularly where this impacts children.

Many professions require or advise social media restrictions, including:

Diplomatic professions
Military professions
Police Officers
Public Figures
Foster Carers

At Kindaba, we’re building a space where you can keep all family communication in one place. Our features are designed to include the whole family. As more of our lives are lived online, and we raise children in this digital age, we want a safe space for them to interact with their private family network.

Kindaba is proud to be an Internationally Scottish company, and our team is based around the world and our headquarters are in Edinburgh, Scotland. We’re a Social Impact company with goals of expanding Education, Employment, and Empowerment with technology. Read more about our Social Impact aims.

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The team

We’re a group of sons, daughters, cousins, and parents who want a safe and private space for our families to connect.



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Co-Founder and Director of Family Happiness & Experience
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