We started Kindaba in 2017 to solve the frustrations we were experiencing with social media. We all have large families living all over the world and found it difficult to keep up with what was going on in our increasingly crowded messaging inboxes and social media timelines. Between us, our families were using three apps for direct messages, two more for sharing photos and memories and another for planning our next get together.

Amongst all of this stream of communication, we were missing the most important things. The birthdays, the funny photos and the milestones.

As more ways to connect and share have been developed, ironically communicating with our loved ones has become more disconnected and difficult.

We searched for a defined, safe, private, and accessible place that was designed for the family persona and didn’t see a solution to the family persona problem. So we’re solving it.

Even though Kindaba is in proof of concept, it’s already used by hundreds of families all over the world to stay connected.

The Problem

2004 saw the birth of social media.

At first this was great, but then things got messy. In 2018, we’re overwhelmed by notifications, consumed by comparison, irritated by ads and our data is sold to the highest bidder.

Every week the words privacy, data breach, fraud, fake news, are being directly linked to the major players in social media alongside inappropriate ads targeting children, leading to a spike in depression and anxiety.

This is because their platforms are no longer focused on creating an experience tailored to the individual user, but designed for international corporations to target users with adverts.

The Solution

Kindaba consolidates family communications into a private, ad free platform, tailored to you, ensuring you never miss a thing.

• Private
Privacy is what social media users have been crying out for, for years. Kindaba doesn’t sell your data and provides you with full control over your network.

• Defined
Why let society define who/what family is to us? Now you can connect with those closest to you away from the social pressure seen on existing platforms.

• Intelligent
We use machine learning to intelligently handle family communications, by surfacing the information families want to see, visually displaying beautiful memories and notifying you about the things that truly matter.

• Scalable
Kindaba is an ad-free platform with three clearly identified revenue streams that will enable us to be profitable by 2021.

• Share Pictures
Families can share pictures within their defined network free of judgment, prying eyes or ad targeting software.

• Share Feelings
Families can privately share feelings with those that care about them the most with the reassurance that only their defined network can see

• Share Conversation
Families will be able to make and receive calls through the Kindaba platform

• Share Celebration
We only notify what you want to see. No longer will you miss those important dates amongst an ocean of click-bait notifications.

• Share Video ad-free
Share that video that only you and your family and friends will get without an ad interrupting just before the best bit!

• Share Instant Messaging
A one stop shop for all family instant messages. No more searching 5 different platforms to try to find the messages users are looking for.

📽 Check this short video out for a sneak peek of our new platform:



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Kindaba is in limited preview release

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