Cookies are files that are placed in your browser when you visit certain webpages. There are many reasons why cookies might be used on websites. Our Privacy Policy contains information about what kind of cookies we keep. We are all about supporting everyone feel safe and happy online so we would like to outline how we use cookies on this page as well.

Cookies are often used for advertising purposes. Kindaba as a platform is completely ad-free, and we do not actively track where our members visit online when they are signed into Kindaba.

Before you become a member we do make use of other services which may put cookies on your browser. The result of these cookies appear most often as non-identifiable information. As an example – when a website writes about Kindaba and how much they are loving the platform, we track how many visitors came to discover more about the private social network for families from that website.

The type of cookie that we do actively use at Kindaba allows you to activate your account securely. For example, if you log into your Kindaba account and then go to another website, and then come back to Kindaba, the cookie we place on your browser reminds Kindaba that you were here, so you don’t need to log in again.

We value our privacy and respect yours. That’s why we’ve built Kindaba. If you wish, you can de-activate your cookies, and still access everything on Kindaba. Here’s how to deactivate or block cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer


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