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After the news of 50 million Facebook Profiles being harvested, there’s no wonder that we find ourselves with our thumbs hovering over the delete button. But what if I have a really good reason for not deleting my Facebook account?

Before taking radical action, it’s well worth working through our options, especially when our peace of mind and digital privacy are involved.

Deleting my Facebook?

Accessing the option to delete your account through Facebook’s app isn’t easy so here’s a link you can use no problem.

Follow the link and all you have to do is to enter your password and solve the security captcha. It is a speedy process, but there is one small catch – this action only sends a request to delete your account. The request will be cancelled if you log into Facebook before this is fully finalised, which could take a few days. So be sure to not do so if your ultimate goal is to delete the app from your devices.

But do you really want to delete your Facebook account? This will permanently delete all your data, including your friends list and pictures you may have posted. A less drastic option may be deactivating.

Deactivating or deleting my Facebook – a modern struggle

New EU law is coming into place in May which will allow users to opt out of companies mining their data and targeting ads. In the meantime you could deactivate your account. This means that your profile and information is hidden for as long as you like until you choose to reactivate by simply logging back in.

To deactivate your account from your computer there are a few steps that you have to take:

✨ Settings

✨ General

✨ Manage your Account

‚ú®¬†Deactivate your account : You may be asked to complete a survey asking you why you’re leaving. Once you finish completing it, you can click deactivate and you’re out

Deactivating your Facebook Account from the mobile app



If you use the mobile app more than the desktop one, you should go through: 

✨ Settings

✨ Account Settings

✨ General

✨ Manage Account

✨ Deactivate

Ghosting my Facebook

By deactivating, you can get away from Facebook but it comes with the pitfalls of not being able to use your account to sign into other sites like you normally would, like Spotify.

To avoid this, and not delete or deactivate your account, you can decide yourself how much you want to use the site and how much information you want to give out (which could be much more than you’ve realised.)

Ghosting apps on Facebook- How to manage third-app permissions from the Facebook mobile app


Most importantly in this whole debacle, is the notion of changing what other apps (third-party apps) can know about you. To tighten your privacy settings, you can simply go through these easy steps:

✨ Settings

✨ Account Settings

✨ Apps

✨ Logged in with Facebook : From here you can click on individual apps and remove them if you so wish

This way you can put your mind to rest about who can get their hands on your information, without deleting your account and memories. If you would like even more information regarding privacy settings and Facebook you could also check out this blog post and see if there is anything else that you might consider doing.

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