Kindaba Features

Find Kindaba's live feature roadmap below. Don't see a feature listed below? Suggest one to us.

Current features

Post to the Timeline

Post a photo, video, link, or status update to your timeline to share with your family

Invite a Family Member

Invite other members of your household, or add extended family members or close friends as followers.

Be Part of Multiple Families

Be a follower of other families while having your own household with the same account.

Comments & Emoji Reactions

Use emoji to react to a family member's post, or add a comment.

iOS app

Access Kindaba on your iPhone or iPad.

Android App

Access Kindaba on your android phone or tablet.

In development

Collections of Media, Pinboards

Photo albums, discussion groups, pinboards of links to organise your memories and thoughts.

Profiles for Babies and Pets

Create accounts for users who cannot log in.

Web App

Access Kindaba through your computer's web browser.

Direct Messaging

Send direct, private, 1 to 1 messages to members of your family.

Location Check-in/Tracker

Keep your family up to date with your location. Great for trips or for just checking in.


Child-Friendly View

Dedicated view and experience for children. Activities and engagement controls to let them connect with family members in a safe and controlled way.

Kids Arts & Activities

Partnering with artists to create fun activities for kids that they can share with their families.

Email-only Recipients

For users who don't want to create a Kindaba account but who still want to receive family updates through email.

Share an album outside of Kindaba

Generate a secure link to share with friends and family outside of Kindaba. easily deactivate the link or set an expiry date.


Deciding on a trip? Or what to get someone as a present? Use polls to get quick feedback from your family.


Create a quick grocery list or plan an upcoming trip. Checklists make it easier and collaborative.


From Birthdays to playdates to important family milestones. Gentle and intelligent reminders are always helpful.

Photobook Integrations

Easy integration with photobook services to make it easy to get your photos and memories printed.

Bots & Integrations

Lots of integrations with other services are planned for Kindaba.

Collection Themes & Templates

Baby journals, trip albums, wedding planning, the list is endless! Theme bank for collections.

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Kindaba is in limited preview release

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