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1000 attendees, more than 30 speakers, 9 workshops, and 3 stages. This week in Edinburgh we, and many other entrepreneurs and their companies, were a part of the amazing Startup Summit. The event allowed experts and founders to engage and share ideas on creating and sustaining positive businesses.

The theme of this year’s Startup Summit — “The Power of Company Culture”– aims to highlight the necessity of giving employees a sense of purpose at work while feeling that they’re making an impact. Something this generation is craving more than ever. And our very own CEO, Robert Gelb, hosted the Impact Stage. Designed as “a dedicated platform for discussing how startups and entrepreneurs can pioneer a new, purpose-driven age of work.”

Gelb also spoke on anxiety and the mental challenges of founding a company.

His desire to play an active role in making a positive impact was worth struggling to overcome mental roadblocks. This idea of contributing good to the world and creating genuine connection is not only core to Kindaba, but was also a common theme throughout the summit.

These altruistic thoughts were echoed in the speeches of several speakers, like Celia Hodson’s, founder of Hey Girls. Formed by Hodson and her two daughters, the social enterprise aims to tackle the important issue of period poverty. Although the project only began in January 2018, they’ve already been making a huge impact. Through donation, education and lobbying all over the UK, they’ve made a difference.

Another highlight of the summit was the CMO of Survey Monkey, Leela Srinivasan, who emphasised the importance of valuing impact over activity in terms of marketing and business outcomes. In reality, quality of engagement is more important than the quantity.

Both Srinivasan and Joy Lewis, CEO of Adopt An Intern, among others, stressed the importance of Startup Summit’s theme of company culture and its power in cultivating a successful brand. Brand identity and values are reflected within a business and not just projected onto the market. These influence the attitudes, motivations, and behaviour of employees in their day to day work. By having a strong ethos to identify with, people within a company trying to make an impact can thrive and feel like they’re making meaningful change.

And that’s what we’re all trying to do. Kindaba, and the many others attending this are together trying to grow positive change in new creative ways through mission-driven businesses. Our mission is to create a safe and private online space for you and your family to share and create memories. We’re dedicated as a community to help you cultivate meaningful connections.

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