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Bringing the old and the new together.

Living abroad? Then Christmas may be the time of the year when feelings of homesickness really start to kick in full-force. As travellers living away from home, we get it. We all find ourselves reminiscing on past festive seasons and the traditions that characterise Christmas as we celebrate it at home while living in what may feel like a foreign, far away place. While picking up new traditions and cultural customs can be fun and exciting, it’s not always easy to leave your home traditions, where your roots are.

It might be even harder to keep your old traditions alive if you are starting a family abroad. But don’t worry, it doesn’t all have to be sad. We believe that enriching your new culture with family, or friends, with your own Christmas traditions, can combine the best of both worlds. Anyway, there are no rules when it comes to celebrating the winter holidays, you have the freedom to make it your own.

To travel or not to travel?

It might sound obvious, but inviting your family to visit you at Christmas, or going back to your childhood home with your own family, is one of the best options if you want to get everyone involved in sharing your old and new Christmas traditions.

It can be logistically hard, so we often give up on travelling with the whole family during Christmas. Besides the prohibitive costs of flying during the festive season, and the desire to avoid any stress while you’re off work, your parents might be getting to the point where long-distance travel isn’t so comfortable anymore. And that’s okay. So we resort to a video call on Christmas Day. But, it’s hardly the same thing as having your family there to bring their contribution to the celebrations. 

If you can, getting your partner and kids to visit your home country abroad at Christmas — or vice versa — is a chance for everyone to experience the holidays in a new, fun way. Without mentioning you will feel even more at home being able to mix your new with your old traditions with the people you love.

Through social media or mail, send you family photos away.

If going home is not a possibility, sharing photos over the holidays can help get your family abroad more involved, while bridging the distance. Maybe this involves social media, which is why we love it. Kindaba is the perfect medium — easy to use and understanding of your privacy.

If your family back home are not familiar with technology, printing and mailing photos can be a nice activity to bring the whole family together. It’s a chance to create a new tradition and sharing the ones you have with your family abroad. Remember how nice it is to actually get something in the mail that isn’t junk?

Your kids will celebrate twice.

If physically getting together just isn’t in the cards, there’s still a way to make your holiday more familiar.  Ever thought about introducing your childhood traditions with your own family? We believe this is a great way to get everyone involved. You could get your parents to talk to their grandchildren about the things they and their kids used to do for Christmas. Or maybe the origins of some traditions, and, if you have the chance, have them do some activities together.

It’s a great way for kids to learn about their roots and for your family abroad to spend some time with them — whether on the phone or in person. What is more, you don’t have to worry about your traditions disappearing, for your kids will be carrying on customs from both countries.

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