Companies like Facebook and Google deliver products, free for the customer to use. They pay for these services through advertising. In order to make ads more relevant to users, they learn about online habits, monitor your activity, and try and guess what content will interest you most, and then sell this data to advertisers.

For many people, this trade-off works. They feel comfortable giving up their privacy in exchange for the chance to keep up to date with their friends. For others like us, we know the risks of sharing too much personal information online.

We want to stay connected with our families, but don’t want the world to see all our precious baby pictures and family activities. Most of all, we want to be in control of our data, of our photos, videos, and other family memories.

After 18 months of research into available options, market size, and after witnessing similar pain points, we decided to solve this, and built Kindaba.

Kindaba’s revenue model is simple. We’re a paid subscription service, priced per household, with no ads. Additional household and extended family members are free. Secondary future revenue streams in development are partnerships and additional tools for specialist family requirements.

Business Opportunities

We make it easy and safe for family members of all ages and technical abilities to share, connect, create, and stay in touch. Kindaba focuses on simplicity and safety to provide an alternative to advertising-driven, data-selling social networks. Kindaba is available as an app on web, mobile, and desktop.

SEIS Advanced Assurance

We secured Advanced Assurance in April 2017. Kindaba Limited is incorporated in Scotland and is limited by shares. We are currently welcoming offers of guidance, and mentorship. We believe that building on a sustainable business model focused on the user, using data to target our outreach and customer acquisition, Kindaba will be a growth-oriented business that delivers for investors. We seek to build relationships with investors who are passionate about family and like us, believe that profit-making companies have the opportunity to make significant social impact. Read our Social Impact Statement here.


Kindaba is interested in developing relationships and partnerships in areas such as large family organisations & associations, organisations that cater to families, vacation and travel clubs, summer camps & associated family and child-focused businesses, digital entertainment companies focused on content and games, and businesses that work with our customer profile in our expansion areas in Polish, Spanish, Indian & Middle Eastern markets. If you represent an organisation that matches these sectors, or you wish to partner with Kindaba, please get in touch below.

This does not constitute a solicitation of Investment and should not be taken as such.

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For more information about Kindaba or to discuss potential partnerships and opportunities, please email

Kindaba is in limited preview release

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