By Rob 🖖 ☕ 😎 CEO and Founder

Edinburgh or Remote, Part-time

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At Kindaba, we are building the future of communication for families. What we build is used by thousands all over the world using many different devices, browsers and experiences to connect with each other. From ensuring that Kindaba is approachable, understandable, and welcoming to helping to convey the idea of Kindaba’s brand to new users, the artistic representation of the brand is key.

We’re hiring an illustrator to develop an illustration design system, style, and assist with marketing materials that fits our brand. This is a role that depends on digital artistic ability as well as good organisation practices, comfort in asking questions and learning, and flexibility for types of activities required. Our ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills (through Slack) and isn’t afraid to ask for help and feedback.

The person in this role will work alongside our designer and growth teams. We encourage cross team engagement and this person will have opportunities to participate in design sprints, and direct customer interaction.


  • Developing characters, objects, and other illustrations for use in Kindaba’s application, website, and marketing materials
  • Developing an illustration style-guide and design system
  • Engaging with team members of the growth and design team to understand and contribute to the brand
  • Delivering illustrations in a way that the engineering team can use


  • Portfolio showing work experience with character, object, and scene work
  • Experience with iconography
  • Ability to work in digital formats designed for the web


  • Experience in illustrating for apps
  • Experience building design systems
  • Experience in animations

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Working with us

  • We believe exceptional work is about adopting a mindset of continuous learning, being comfortable with failure, openness and vulnerability. We practice radical candor and provide a supportive environment and encourage everyone to challenge assumptions. We have a no-blame culture where everyone’s ideas have merit
  • We’re remote positive. We believe you’re best placed to understand how you work best, and we have resources available to help you work when and where you want. We find that +/- 4 hours from Edinburgh (UK standard time) works best
  • We believe communication is vital for exceptional work. We have daily video standups, open calls, and 121s where you meet and build relationships with every member of the team. We have two all-company off-sites per year. These activities help us to build a strong and supportive workplace culture
  • We believe that exceptional work is supported by personal and professional development and encourage the team to take advantage of coaching, training, and event opportunities as part of Kindaba
  • We value flexibility and are willing and eager to make changes and provide adjustments to empower you to do your best work. From nontraditional work hours to working while travelling, to job-sharing, we are happy to be flexible to empower you to do your most exceptional work
  • Benefits include access to coaching, 35 days of holiday, private medical and travel insurance, working with a team who are passionate about making a global impact, ownership of your work and flexibility in ways of working
  • We use platforms like Slack and Zoom to stay in touch, work, and build relationships
  • We are applying for a Tier-2 sponsorship License to facilitate international applicants for UK-based roles

We’re Kindaba

Kindaba is the gathering space for families all over the world. By using Kindaba, everyone’s connected with a safe, fun, simple, visual, intelligent messaging experience. Quickly share family photos, discuss the big game, or celebrate a new arrival. Kindaba makes it simple to keep those who matter most close.

In research mode for the last year, Kindaba is ready to share what we’ve been building with the world. Already, it’s used by thousands of people across the globe helping hundreds of families stay connected. We’re building a social impact company that values high growth and high levels of social impact. From helping to train and find employment for Refugees and Asylum Seekers, to providing free training and workshops to help people of all ages stay safe online, social impact is central to what we do. Kindaba is based in Edinburgh, and are a remote-positive company with members of our team across multiple time-zones.

Women, LGBTQI and people of colour among others are under-represented in tech. We believe that diversity is strength and we offer a culture and opportunities to make inclusivity the norm. As a team we are inclusive and encouraging of differences, and flexible in how, when, and where we work. We value a willingness to learn and develop, vulnerability, and radical candor.

Help build something world-changing at Kindaba.

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