By Rob 🖖 ☕ 😎 CEO and Founder

Kindaba is a private, safe and ad-free space to share family photos, videos, and updates with those who matter most. Parents use Kindaba as their one stop shop to share updates of kids activities with family near and far.🌏 Our CEO and Founder, Rob lays out the ultimate origin story.

We all use social networks or communications tools to share updates, plans and milestones with family. But privacy-conscious parents lack confidence in mainstream social networks and how they handle our sensitive data.

Sharing authentic, private and family-relevant updates should be fun, simple and easy.

With Kindaba, you can share photos, videos and updates of your kids activities with those that matter most. All private, and protected. Kindaba isn’t a mainstream social network. It’s a defined network.

  • No ads
  • No data selling

We value our privacy and after 100s of interviews we know that there are many who still believe that privacy is important, especially when it comes to kids. Check out our post: Privacy, Why is it Important?

Our birthday story 🎂

The best ideas start with personal obstacles, so I’ll share mine. I’ve always wanted my family to be more connected. I’d set up shared google drive accounts, make a family Slack team, even toyed with the idea of getting everyone a google apps subscription so we could have one place to store our memories. None of it worked! My family is spread all over the world and we’re all pretty privacy conscious. A few years ago, something weird started happening: it seemed like everyone started procreating🐣. Every few months it seemed, there was a new cousin popping up and we all were trying to find a way to stay connected.

What we wanted sounded simple: We wanted our own version of Facebook that was super simple and absolutely private. We didn’t want any ads, and we wanted it to be easy enough for Caroline and Alan (my parents) to use.


Kindaba was made for family, however you define yours ❤

After about 18 months of trying everything under the sun ☀ and asking others what they used, we realised there was a common pain point. So we set out to solve it for everyone.

The result is Kindaba — we built an MVP and tested if people would use Kindaba, how people would use it and why they would use it. We are excited about how it’s gone so far, and, crucially Alan & Caroline think it’s ’not bad’. High praise indeed 😎 We’re very close to releasing our new platform that is designed to help families spread around the world, connect in a meaningful way.

From baby journals, to toddler-friendly family messenger, to a private social network. We have high hopes for Kindaba, and we’re looking to you for advice and feedback.


We’re building a community

We’re a community of daughters, sons, cousins, and parents passionate about creating a space where all family members can feel confident and engaged sharing with each other. Our Kindaba Families are an incredible group:

A private, respectful, community where parents connect and learn

  • Learn about fun apps for your family
  • Swap stories of life hacks with kids
  • Stay up to date with being safe online, especially for your kids
  • Support one another in our journeys through modern parenthood

We love to help families connect and often share on the topic through our Blog: How to Build a Long Distance Relationship with your Grandchildren.

Kindaba in Action

Think of Kindaba like your private pintrest just for your family, with great spaces for conversations thrown into the mix. Instead of sharing publicly or having to choose a private stream, you can simply choose the privacy settings for each post, all from the list of people that you have invited to follow your family. Our Kindaba Families keep in touch with aunts, cousins, siblings who live all over the world.

Here’s how:

  • Claim your spot on our Waiting List to get first access when we launch our new platform
  • Tell us why you and your family would make great testers and we’ll give you an early access invite

We created Kindaba, not to add to the noise, but to help you simplify life. We know that family time is precious and are creating a tool to maintain those precious family connections when it may not be possible to often be together in person. I want to invite you to join our community to share and create content to celebrate with your family.

Kindaba is available on iOS and Android with tablet and web views coming soon. We’d love to hear your thoughts, requests and feedback. You can catch me directly on

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