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This week saw the demise of Monster Messenger, a service that prides itself on being a safe space for kids to communicate with other kids under the watchful eye of their parents. As a privacy conscious bunch of daughters, sons, cousins and parents, our team at Kindaba were saddened by the news. Lots of the families who use Kindaba used and loved Monster Messenger. It is the latest in a line of similar kids’ chat apps to have shut down recently — the most notable ones being Kids in Touch and Disney Mix.

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On Kindaba’s roadmap, we plan to offer a fully COPPA-compliant children’s messenger experience in the future, but until then, join us as we discover 4 fabulous alternatives to Monster Messenger that will allow kids to be kids — with certain safety nets in place for their first foray into the world of social media.

#1 Maily

Maily is your kid’s first email account. It allows kids aged 3-10 to express themselves in a safe, confined environment. Kids can send emails to their loved ones using age-appropriate tools like images, photos, drawings, and handwritten text.

#2 Messenger for Kids

Facebook’s Messenger for Kids works similarly to the grown-up version, except tailored to a young audience ranging from 6-12. Kids do not require a Facebook account to sign up for Messenger for Kids, as it is controlled through a parent’s Facebook account. With the app, kids can start a one-on-one or group chats with parent-approved contacts. Check out our review from a privacy conscious perspective here.

#3 Azoomee

Azoomee is a mix between an entertainment platform and a social network. In addition to allowing kids to play games, listen to audiobooks and watch shows, kids can send instant messages to friends. Parents set up the app with a password and then add a child account to the app (up to 5 accounts per parent). Friend requests must be approved by both sets of parents and all messages can be read by the owner of the child’s account.

#4 Tankee

Tankee is a video-sharing platform for gaming videos, targeted at kids aged 6-12. A far cry from the oft-violent gaming videos you’d find on Youtube, Tankee brings together age-appropriate gaming videos to one location. It often featuring partnerships with video game companies themselves. All videos submitted to Tankee are reviewed and approved by the app before they are uploaded. In addition, all content is COPPA-compliant.

There you have it – 4 apps serving a similar function to Monster Messenger. Which ones have we missed?

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At Kindaba, we’re a team of daughters, sons, cousins, and parents absolutely passionate about building a new norm where data sharing and selling has no place.

We’re an early-stage start up on a mission to keep families connected all over the world. Our focus is to build an alternative, safe, and private space for family members to stay connected and share memories – be it family photos, videos, or updates, wherever they are in the world. Kindaba makes organising and celebrating family life safe, simple and inclusive. Unlike most mainstream social media networks, Kindaba is ad-free and does not, and will not ever, sell your data.

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