We take security very seriously at Kindaba, and always seek industry leading approaches to security.

While, as with every other online service, it is not possible to guarantee complete invulnerability to attacks, this page will provide you with information about how we store data and handle security.

We do not have our own data servers nor do we actively manage any data centres. All of our infrastructure is hosted externally with services that are experts in security. While data breaches can still happen, we are careful to ensure data is separated among different systems and that we have safeguards in place to protect our users.


All of our servers are based in the EU. We only use servers and architecture maintained by other, very well established companies that have a good track record with security. The servers that store your account information and user content are split between Amazon’s AWS platform and Google’s Firebase platform. Our internal security procedures are regularly checked by a security expert.


If you’re a member of Kindaba, you’ll notice that we don’t use passwords. We do this for the convenience of not having to remember another password as well as added security to lessen the risks of email phishing attacks. Check out our top tips on how to avoid email phishing, over on our blog.

Our password-less authentication system is administered by Auth0, a worldwide leader in authentication. Leading companies like PBS, Mozilla, and Slack use Auth0 for their authentication.

Our front-facing website is developed in WordPress, and is not connected to our member servers. Separate security credentials are required for different actions in our architecture.

Payments are processed through Stripe and we have no access to credit card details at any stage of the payment process. Stripe is a worldwide leader in online payments, powering other platforms like Lyft, UNICEF, and Lush.

All other third party tools that we use contain industry-leading authentication methods.

If you have any questions about how our authentication systems work, please feel free to email and we can provide you with additional information.

Kindaba is in limited preview release

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