Social Impact Statement

Our impact mission is to bring down barriers associated with technology.

We are committed to positive social impact. Our social impact activities focus on Education, Employment, and Empowerment.


We educate our user base about the benefits and practicalities of being a confident user of technology. Outwardly, we look at ways to actively encourage, initiate, or highlight initiatives that contribute to the world’s technical literacy. We advocate for greater transparency in the way that technology is explained to consumers, and will work to contribute to the informing of all consumers.


We actively encourage applications from non-traditional technology workers, and commit to creating conditions that attract non-traditional and diverse applicants.

Disability, refugee status, gender, race, identity, past convictions, personal circumstances, or family commitments should not prevent someone from working in a supportive, empowering, and safe environment.

Technology has the power to transform lives through employment. Through our hiring practices, we will showcase how true diversity makes an organisation stronger. Our long-term strategic growth plans include bringing technology-related jobs to communities and individuals that may not normally be expected to work within our sector. Kindaba will actively work to encourage other technology companies to follow our lead and invest through hiring.


We advocate for ways to bring down barriers to services, advice, and access that are crucial for entrepreneurship to flourish, and innovation to thrive. These should not only be available to those privileged by background and circumstance.

Kindaba will champion initiatives that empower, invest, and enable anyone to make their own future. Our long-term impact goals will include being an active member of the community of trade vs aid empowerment.

Showing our commitment to these aims, each quarter we will deliver a corporate Impact Report Card to evaluate our activity, set our goals, and measure the results of our strategic choices in each of our three impact areas.

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