A day doesn’t seem to go by where we don’t encounter technology. It all starts with the ring of the alarm clock, to the beep of the Oyster card, to the click of a mouse on a computer screen. It’s always there. Maybe its dominating our lives, or just a faint sound in the background we’ve become so accustomed to hearing.

Long gone are the days of writing letters.  Now, it seems our only method of communication happens on various social media platforms, texting or calling relatives.  Tech, as we know, is everywhere.

Technology impacts us all on a daily basis, from the office to inside our children’s schools, we can’t seem to live without it.

But, is technology all good? Does it sometimes bring us unwanted issues? Not only is the subject itself divisive, but the rate at which new technologies are being developed means our opinion of it is always changing. Here are the reasons why I, and perhaps you, love technology – but also the reasons that I loathe it.  

Why I Love Technology


It goes without saying that tech is groundbreaking. It’s pushed our modes of communication forwards in leaps and bounds, advancing our means of keeping in contact with those close to us. From video-calling your auntie in America to messaging your friends from abroad, technology has opened up millions of successful communication lines. Not only are we able to post, Tweet and scroll to our every whim, but we are able to share this with those who we don’t get to see as much as we’d like. From allowing us to reach practically anyone on the planet, technology allows us to share interesting, compelling and creative thoughts and ideas globally.


Secondly, technology should be praised for its medical advances; without them, we would fail to have the level of health care we have now. From the creation of the first artificial pancreas in 2016 to developments in patient-specific cancer treatment, the medical world has progressed to an outstanding degree. This provides a sense of security both for current generations and those of the future and offers the potential for health-care to continue progressing in a positive direction.


Technologies such as online libraries and radio shows allow us to easily spread, and access, knowledge. Not a fan of silence? Why not pop on a Podcast? Being able to access information easily and electronically is a fantastic way to keep up to date on the go, and to keep things exciting. Such quick bursts of knowledge and entertainment are usually no longer than half an hour, which is fantastic for the working man or woman – but also families.

Ripple Effect

When a new phone, for example, is created, it gives rise to bigger and better models. New planes, trains and cars are constantly being prototyped and created in order to make travel easier and cheaper for everyday use, while many companies are either going tech-based or improving their technology in order to maximise their business profits. It seems, in this case, that one small idea can open a world of possibilities.

Why I Loathe Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Though tech can, and has, improved our lives as we know it, it’s not all fun and games. Perhaps most importantly is the increasingly frantic development of A.I. and machine-operated labour. In the past, human-beings went to work and completed tasks – now, there is a computer production line that will do it for you, only faster and better. With the progression of computers that are being taught to think and learn for themselves, is human employment under threat? Not only does this entail the smaller amount of available jobs for future generations, but also that of scarily human-like technologies never-before-seen to man.

Time spent Outside

Have you found, that with all this tech, you’re spending less time outside, especially with your family? The days of playing outside for six hours at the weekend seem like a very distant memory. Instead interactive games or TV shows now occupy kids for hours at a time. While the ability to pick up a tablet and play your child’s favourite TV show is beneficial in situations such as travelling, it keeps us stuck inside. Health-wise, the act of staying glued to a tablet for hours is not good for anyone – let’s maybe put down the interactive games, and go for a bike ride instead? There’s always plenty of time for both but within the boundaries of a good balance.

Privacy Concerns

Although the ability to share photos and videos online is great, this ability also comes with a few downsides – most importantly, privacy. With the complexities of current technologies, images and pictures can be shared far and wide across the web – when sending such material to friends and family, this is a brilliant thing. However, scamming isn’t out of the picture. Not only does this mean we have to be increasingly cautious when sharing content online, but it means we need more family-friendly platforms dedicated to sharing information in a controlled manner. This is where companies such as Kindaba come in, dedicated to a safe and controlled sharing platform. A much safer option than some other social media platforms, the ability to share information is centralised around families.

So, do we love or do we loathe?  

Technology is tricky. In some ways, it presents a multiplicity of brilliant opportunities – we can reach out to loved ones easily, acquire new knowledge and ensure consistently higher levels of physical health. However, what does this mean for humanity as a whole? In some ways, we have grown lazy – we no longer spend as much time outside or with family members, and rely on technology to do the simplest things for us. From making coffee to planning driving routes, everything is focused around computer systems and bright flashing buttons. Even our learning and work-lives, for both children and adults, are centralised around smart technology and an online presence.

The solution? Balance. Technology can complement our lives, and vice versa. Computers, transport and new forms of knowledge can be used to enhance our daily routines in a positive manner, but the key thing to remember is to not get too absorbed. Take some time out to breathe, take a walk or have a cup of tea with a family member or friend. Just remember, technology is never linear and your usage of it doesn’t have to be, either.

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