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This week, Mark Zuckerberg is in DC to talk to lawmakers. He’s been called to testify on behalf of Facebook about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the sharing of 87 million users’ data.

In the lead-up to meeting with members of the US Congress, Facebook and Zuckerberg have spoken about how Cambridge Analytica took advantage of data captured through Facebook’s systems.

Zuckerberg also took responsibility for failing to disclose the information for two years.

What’s Zuckerberg going to be asked?

Congressional testimonies are, by nature, somewhat political – an opportunity for politicians to score points by holding feet to the fire. While there will no doubt be a few fireworks, here are some of our expectations:

  • Zuckerberg will be pressed about why facebook didn’t protect users privacy, and why they didn’t disclose for 2 years
  • Zuckerberg will be accused of failing to take privacy concerns seriously. Some old comments made by Mark about the expectations for privacy might be tossed back at him
  • Contrition will be the order of the day. Facebook will hope it’s the grand culmination of the meaculpa tour that’s been happening over the past few weeks and months that’s included changes to how Facebook deals with fake news, propaganda, and users privacy
  • Watch for Zuckerberg to announce work on a new set of privacy features and indicate how the GDPR requirements Facebook needs to make available to EU users will be extended to everyone

What won’t be said

Facebook’s fundamental challenge is one of trust, and that partially has to do with the way its business model works. Users still don’t understand the full extent to which their data is mined and used for the purpose of selling advertising.

In the name of transparency, we’d love to see Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg be more open and honest about all of the different kinds of data it holds on people – from their family of apps to how Facebook tracking codes work.

We’ll be following along during the testimony as it goes, so check out @kindabahq and @thisisgelb to get our take or join our live chat over on our FamTech community to share and discuss.



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